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So so so grateful!

My Mother and I are so grateful to everyone who has either donated food or contributed money towards shipping cost, food and medicine. A special special thanks goes out to the Church of the Ascension in Silver Spring, Maryland for their ongoing support and compassion. A heartfelt thanks to the amazing artist and resident photographers at Washington Artworks for coming together and donating money for rice and shipping. We are also so thankful to the day care parents at Miata's Day Care for all they have contributed towards helping my family in Liberia. 

The little bag of coins must have come from one Sunday school child. God bless that child!

The Church of the Ascension, several artist at Washington Artworks and the parents at Miata's Day Care have donated the items in the photos above.

We are starting to pack the new boxes and plan to have them picked up for shipping the end of September. It usually takes 6 weeks to arrive at the port however, neighboring countries in West Africa demanded Liberia be the last stop in fear of contamination. Therefore, the shipment may take a little longer.

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